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Jodi Winter Dual Olympian speaks to groups, both in corporate organisations and sports teams to help them perform at their best. She also runs an online health coaching program for individuals and teams

What’s your work environment like?

Could you do with more energy or motivation within your team and throughout the working week?

Hire Jodi to speak at your work place or event.

To motivate, educate and inspire your staff to work harder and easily be more focused. 
Through learning about (and being held accountable to implement) health performance tips, this Dual Olympian will have you wanting to reach for gold! 

Looking for a studio in Warriewood Sydney?


Here we also run the following programs:


8 week program from the gym in Warriewood


12 week VIP Online


Seminars for Corporate - 1 day to 12 weeks on-site programs available tailored specifically to your organisation.

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I’m a certified health and wellness coach, specialising in nutrition, fitness and holistic wellness. I’m a dual-Olympian with more than a decade as a professional athlete, as well as more than a decade as a personal trainer, so, as you can imagine, my head is jam-packed with knowledge about health, fitness and what it takes to get your body fit and strong. However, a lifetime of experience has shown me that what’s going on inside your head is just as important as what’s going on with your body. I believe in complete wellness – in body, mind and spirit. And I also believe that your journey to become the healthiest, best version of yourself is one that should be taken with an open mind and a smile on your face!

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