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ali, 62 yrs old

‘I needed help to lose 3kg for the World Master Sailing Games coming up and needed an exercise program to go with it. After our first discussion, Jodi’s recommendations eliminated the bloating I had suffered for years, and I was also educated on how to read labels on all the foods I was buying. I also noticed how much extra energy I now had, and to my surprise I lost the 3kg I needed to lose for the competition. She is a great motivator and made it easy to keep focused and maintain my new diet, and has somehow kept me motivated over many years with my regular exercise routine’ 

kylie, 36 yrs old

‘Jodi is super-personable and easy going. She is great at sensing your mood and knowing how to focus on the positives and keep you motivated. My three goals to work on with Jodi were to feel better about my physical state, gain more control over my eating habits, and find ways to become calm and settled even during stressful personal and professional periods in my life. I achieved all three! Jodi helped me set very small, realistic goals that I could towards in the two weeks in between our coaching sessions. She was always checking in with me to make sure I stayed on track and helped me to see the progress I was making (even though I couldn’t recognise this at the time). I recommend Jodi to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life – life’s too short not to feel your absolute best!’

lorraine, 58 yrs old

‘What I loved most about working with Jodi was that there was no calorie counting or big drastic changes! My three goals were to lose weight, increase strength and feel better. I achieved all three! With a few dietary changes, I noticed the weight come straight off. I also improved strength/ fitness with an extra weights program she introduced into my routine which has really helped my Dragon boat performance. Jodi made it possible to make slight daily changes that are easy to stick with. Jodi is a great listener, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make a healthier lifestyle for themselves that is maintainable.’

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