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I absolutely lurrrrrve coffee, (hmmmm.. I want one now) But it’s time for me & coffee to have a break. I am going caffeine free for the next few months. I did it last year & really noticed the change. I felt so calm & grounded and certainly saved a bit of cash!! Here’s a few reasons why you could give it a go too!

1. SAVE MONEY – when you add up how much you might spend a week/ year on coffee.. it’s a big incentive to have a break and save some cash.

2. BETTER SLEEP – Especially if you are one to have coffee after midday. Caffeine is still running wild in your system for 4-6hrs. So if you really need caffeine, have it early in the day.

3. BETTER MOOD – I’m sure we all know someone who has 1 too many coffees a day, as they are short tempered, bit cranky and snappy. They are either so fired up from all the caffeine or grumpy because they need their fix.

4. REDUCE ANXIETY – Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, which is why you can feel anxious after too much caffeine. This is a huge reason to cut it out.

5. WEIGHT LOSS – Unless you drink black coffee, then it is most likely you are adding calories to your diet you are not aware of.

6. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE – Quitting caffeine or coffee can help lower your blood pressure and keep your heart from working too hard.

The trick to avoiding the ‘quick caffeine headache’ is to wean yourself off it. Over a few days, reduce the amount each day, and slowly your body will adjust. Pick a date when you will quit and no turning back.

Herbal teas are the answer when avoiding caffeine. There are so many flavours and options to keep you busy during the cravings!

Your could make your own Tumeric Latte – so tasty and fulfilling

Good luck.. Let me know if you are going to take the plunge!!

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